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  • Tickets for our show at The Fillmore are now ON SALE!!!!!

    Tickets for our show at The Fillmore  are now ON SALE!!!!! Grab tickets before Sunday at 10PM and get a free limited pressing of "Tears You Apart" on a 12’’ white vinyl. See you guys in December and don't forget to wear your ugly sweaters! Get tickets here.

  • “Tears You Apart” Out On F-Stop/Atlantic Records

    Crazy to think that this album, which started out as our next musical project post-high school, is now our first major-label release. Thank you all for your incredible support, please go check out the album if you have the time. It features a few distinct changes from our previous version, including a new version of “Bring the Rain.” Hope you all enjoy! We plan on being very busy this year, so stay tuned for new tours and more music.



Tears You Apart

  • Numb
  • Doctor
  • Catch You On My Way Out
  • In The Summer
  • Naive-Tea
  • Lying Through Our Teeth
  • Tranquilize
  • Pockets
  • Kiling Me
  • Bring The Rain
  • Take It Out

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